Alexandr Kim



My name is Alexandr Kim, I am originally Korean but was born in Uzbekistan, and yes I do speak Russian! ;) 


I’ve lived in Korea and Russia for several years. I received my Bachelor degree in Marketing in Russian University of Economics in Moscow. When I came to California, I worked at Google. However, my passion was always in filming, so I quit my job at Google and proudly chose to follow my path in the film industry.

That is how I ended up in Los Angeles!


The KimFilms Production was registered in 2014.


We have a professional team of videographers for any type of event!


And I am passionate about creating new beautiful stories every day!

I love my lifestyle and I love to meet new couples, who become best friends to us!

we've successfully worked with 20th Century Fox, Dolby Theater, ISINA, Mickey Rourke, Popular Music artists, and designers.