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Why we are the best!

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

It is simply because we provide the highest quality of the image and lowest prices on the market along with nice personality and we appreciate every couple for trusting us!

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Why We Are Better Than Competitors

You already know the significance of hiring professionals to help you capture the important moment in your relationship and in your life. Now, you’re getting married, preparing for the event and now looking for wedding videographer and event photographer. We know there are lots of photographers and videographers offering the same service. Why should you choose KimFilms Wedding photographers?

Primarily, we understand well how important a wedding day for you. It is only a day. One chance and one moment so you want to capture everything perfectly. You want the whole twenty-four hours, every minute captured through the lenses. We make certain that each member of the team has the ability to meet your requirements.

To make certain that every shot taken is awesome, Alexander Kim, the owner of KimFilmsWedding will do the job personally. One of the guarantees that you could enjoy if you choose KimFilmsWedding is the fact that you will be working exactly with the team. Some wedding photography and videography services hire help from a third-party service provider to accomplish the task. Or they may be selling their clients to other contractors who do not care about the quality of the output but only have an eye to the price. Oh, that sure isn’t a nice one.

With KimFilmsWedding, you’ll have only the best and most precious photos that capture the essence of the moment and event in general. KimFilmsWedding got a team of professional editors who have extreme attention to details and skills and years of experience using editing and color grading software. Expect only the best wedding photos and wedding videos.

In case you are wondering, we are shooting specifically in flat picture profile to come up with only the best image quality in post photo and video production with color grading process. That way, you can have a cinematic Hollywood style video.

Photography and Videography Service Cost

Everyone wants only the best for his or her wedding but, sad to say, not everybody often has enough budget to hire professionals to capture photos and record videos. It’s quite heart-breaking knowing budget restrictions prevents a couple to actually get the best service they want.

Taking videos and photos indeed takes so much effort and skill. But the team also understand the fact that not all have the financial ability to pay hundreds of thousands for a photography and videography service. Hence, we offer affordable wedding videographer service without compromising the quality of the end result and the overall experience.

In case you are in need of a cost-effective service for your wedding or for your friend’s wedding, do not hesitate to give us a call and we’ll discuss the price. We value transparency in pricing so what you hear or see is only what you need to pay. If there is any adjustment, you’ll get to know ahead of time.

Get in touch and see for yourself what difference the team of professional photographers and videographers can make for your wedding.

Contact us and make your choice!

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